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This is a register macro that might alternatively be stated as {{#ifeq:{{SITENAME}}|Wikipedia|{{void}}|W:}} where 'W
' is the definition on all other English language sister projects. It's purpose is to simplify local output code and avoid precisely that sort of #ifeq: code statement in working templates such as Commonscat1, Wikipediacat1,... etc. Locally on wikipedia, it has the effect of replacing the full url version [[W:Some page name|Some page name]] with a local wikilink version which will then reveal bad links (redlinks) if a page does not exist.

This different method of implementation has instead a hardcoded different fixed value on and off Wikipedia when accessed by the identical template and so allows portable template coding.

  • Sub-template used by: Template:Commoncats (edit talk links history) and Template:Commoncats (edit talk links history)on [w:] (Formerly, locally, Wikipediacat1A on the commons, Commonscat1A on en.wikipedia) and many other interwiki geared templates for compatible tagging on and between sister projects, listing quick links to applicable main categories at the head of category pages between the commons and en.wikipedia. (All other language wikikpedia's and/or other types of sister projects link to those two category schemes. This links those to each other.)Such are way down and off (nearly) invisible on the default skin, especially in image categories on the commons, or long pages on the wikipedia's.
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