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The purpose of this section is to provide a brief explanation of what the overall vision of the project is. This is where you would quickly answer the: who? what? where? when? why? of the project. Please use the following "skeleton" to start your overview (feel free to modify and expand as applicable).

"The purpose of the (project name) project is to _______. This project is intended for (choose all that apply: college students, medical students, interns, residents, attending physicians, hospitalists, specialists, medical faculty, researchers, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and allied health professionals) to contribute expertise. This project will require you to gain a mastery of (insert relevant statement here). WikiDoc welcomes your involvement in contributing to this project."

Goals of the (project name) project

  • Goal one
  • Goal two
  • Goal three

Who can contribute to the (project name) project?

A quick statement about the intended specialty this applies to. Please indicate if this is an Assistant, Associate or Editor-in-Chief level project.

Example: "This project is intended for editors at an Assistant Editor-in-Chief level or higher. This may be the right project for you if you are a (choose all that apply: college student, medical student, intern, resident, attending physician, hospitalist, specialist, medical faculty, researcher, nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and allied health professional)."

How to get started

Select a topic

Topic Name Download Link File Page # of Results
Abadie's symptom Abadie's symptom search results Abadie's symptom search results 5
Abnormal posturing Abnormal posturing search results Abnormal posturing search results 21
Aboulia Aboulia search results Aboulia search results 7
Absence seizure Absence seizure search results Absence seizure search results 105
Acanthosis nigricans Acanthosis nigricans search results Acanthosis nigricans search results 39
Acid indigestion Acid indigestion search results Acid indigestion search results 58

^ This code is intended to provide you a basic idea of how to start a sortable table. This could be modified to include Topic Name, Link to Topic Page, Priority #, Assigned To/Claimed By... we can discuss this a bit more for each project as needed.

Example: "The table above includes a list of topics for this project ranked by priority. To claim a topic, email WikiDoc [1] the name of the project you are choosing. Active assignments can be viewed here."

Please update the link to the appropriate page (if applicable) or delete this line. Feel free to expand as needed.

Next Steps

This section is where you would include a numbered list of points on how to move through the process. In the case of DDx, you would need to include the option to "If you are using the macro spreadsheet..." or "If you are using the regular spreadsheet..." to allow people to bifurcate into the appropriate process. This is also where you would include examples.

How to...

Include any help instructions specific to the project here.