Posterior compartment of the forearm

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Posterior compartment of the forearm
Cross-section through the middle of the forearm. (Anterior compartment is at top; posterior compartment is at bottom.)
Artery radial artery, radial recurrent artery , profunda brachii, posterior interosseous artery
Nerve radial nerve[1], posterior interosseous nerve

The posterior compartment of the forearm contains the following muscles:

Level Muscle E/I
(see below) brachioradialis I
superficial extensor carpi radialis longus E
superficial extensor carpi radialis brevis E
superficial extensor carpi ulnaris E
intermediate extensor digitorum (communis) E
intermediate extensor digiti minimi (proprius) E
deep abductor pollicis longus E
deep extensor pollicis brevis E
deep extensor pollicis longus E
deep extensor indicis (proprius) E
deep supinator I
deep anconeus I
  • "E/I" refers to "extrinsic" or "intrinsic".

The Brachioradialis, flexor of the forearm, is unusual in that it is located in the posterior compartment, but it is actually in the anterior portion of the forearm.

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