Philip Levine (physician)

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Philip Levine
Born10 September 1900(1900-09-10)
Flag of Russia Russia
Died18 October 1987 (Age 87)
Template:Country data USA United States.
Known forSerology of Rh disease

Philip Levine (10 August 190018 October 1987) was an imuno-hematologist whose clinical research advanced knowledge on the Rhesus factor, Hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) and blood transfusion. He was born in Polish Russia. He moved with his family to New York when he was 8 years old where his family took on a more English sounding surname.

In 1939 while working at the Newark Beth Israel Hospital, New Jersey, USA Philip Levine and Rufus E. Stetson published their findings about a family who had a stillborn baby in 1937 who had died of hemolytic disease of the newborn. This publication included the first suggestion that a mother could make blood group antibodies owing to immune sensitization to her fetuses red blood cells.

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  • Levine P and Stetson R E: Intra-group agglutination. J Am Med Assoc, 113: 126,1939

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