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This is a list of Optometry Schools sorted alphabetically by country.


There are 3 Australian educational institutions offering degrees in optometry. The first two are five year bachelor level degrees, that incorporate the therapeutic management of ocular disease. The four year degree offered by QUT is followed by a year long graduate certificate in therapeutics. The scope of Optometry practiced in Australia, is similar to that practiced in New Zealand, Canada, and the USA, where Optometry is considered a primary health profession. Entry into the three optometry schools is extremely competitive, with students requiring an University Admission Index (UAI) as high as those required by Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.


There are 2 Canadian educational institutions offering degrees in optometry:


Presently, there are two Ghanaian universities running optometry degree program

Hong Kong

There is currently 1 university offering bachelor's degree in optometry and graduate degree in visual science:


In 1958, the first two schools of optometry were established at Gandhi Eye Hospital and Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital.[8] The apex eye centre in India, Dr. R.P.Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi imparts a three year B.Sc.(Hons)Ophthalmic techniques, which is at par with Optometry education. There is currently one well established optometry school ( Elite School of Optometry) that follows closely with American optometry schools: There are other institutes which impart training of Optometry in Mumbai, one of those is - School of Optometry ( Municipal Eye Hospital, Kamathipura, Mumbai)use to conduct 3 yrs Diploma in Optometry.

The Elite School of Optometry in Chennai was started by Sankara Nethralaya in 1985. This school has a four year optometry degree program and also offers Mphil in Optometry. The Elite School of Optometry is one of the premier optometry schools in India which is recognised worldwide. The Elite School of Optometry International Vision Science and Optometry Conference 2005 (EIVOC 2005)organised to celebrate 20th anniversary of Elite School was the first international optometry conference organised in India.


Ireland (Republic)

There is currently only one higher institution in the Republic of Ireland offering an optometry degree programme:


There is currently one university in Latvia offering an optometry programmes (both bachelor and master degrees):


Currently there are 3 educational institutions offering degrees in optometry:


Mexico has 7 Schools of Optometry at University level:


Nepal has a four year bachelor degree in optometry at B.P.Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies,Institute of Medicine,Tribhuwan University.It is the one and only optometry program in Nepal providing a bachelors degree. No post-graduate programs are available. Entry requirements:12 yrs of school education (10+2 with Biology,ISc with Biology,A levels with Biology)

Procedure:Written Entrance Test

Yearly intake:6(national)+1 or 2 international(varies)

New Zealand

New Zealand has a four year bachelor degree, which requires sufficient marks in one or more years of general biomedical tertiary study prior to entry. There is 1 New Zealand educational institution that offers a degree in optometry:


There are 2 Portuguese educational institutions offering degrees in optometry:


There is currently one school of optometry in Singapore:

South Africa

University of Johannesburg, Gauteng, [27]


There is currently 1 university offering a bachelor's degree in optometry and 2 educational institutions offering an associate degree in optometry:

  • Chung Shan Medical University [28]
  • Jen-Teh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing, and Management [29]
  • Shu-Zen College of Medicine and Management [30]


Doctor of Optometry degree is an entry education requirement for licensing optometry in Thailand. Currently, there is only one well established optometry program in Thailand with academic cooperation from many optometry colleges from the US.

  • Ramkhamhaeng University [31]

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

There are 8 United Kingdom educational institutions offering degrees in optometry. Five are located in England with one optometry school in each of Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland:

Northern Ireland

United States of America

There are 17 American educational institutions offering doctorate level programs in optometry. The programs generally have an undergraduate degree as a prerequisite, and then run four years addressing academic and clinical topics.

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