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Diff-Quik® is a commercial stain commonly used in histological staining to rapidly stain and differentiate a variety of smears, commonly blood and vaginal smears. It is based on a modification of the Wright Giemsa stain pioneered by Bernard Witlin in 1970. It has advantages over the older Wright Giemsa staining technique, as it reduces the 4 minute process into a simplified 15 second operation, and allows for selective increased eosinophilic or basophilic staining depending upon the time the smear is left in the staining solutions.


The Diff-Quik stain consists of 3 solutions:


Structure Colour
Erythrocytes Pink/yellowish red
Platelets Violet/purple granules
Neutrophils Blue nucleus, pink cytoplasm, violet granules
Eosinophils Blue nucleus, blue cytoplasm, red granules
Basophils Purple/dark blue nucleus, violet granules
Monocyte Violet nucleus, light blue cytoplasm
Bacteria Blue